Dilution Solution
Dilution Solution
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Dilution Solution

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Turn your gel colors into airbrush colors! Comes in 8 ounce and 2 ounce bottles.

You don't need to own every single airbrush color there is. Easily match your cookies using the gel colors you already own. Just mix dilution solution with your gel color, pour into airbrush gun, and use as normal.



Mix airbrush colors by shaking in a container with a lid.
For opaque colors, mix in some white. ALWAYS MIX WELL!

Concentrated Color: 1 part gel color + 3 parts Dilution Solution.

Translucent Concentrated Color: 1 part gel color + 4 parts Dilution Solution.

Less Concentrated Color: 1 part  gel color + 5 parts Dilution Solution.